Robert Freitas and Karen Zurheide
New London, NH



Rob here. One of the most often heard comments when approaching new customers about using Amsoil relates to cost. I can’t tell you how often someone says, “I’d consider using the stuff but it’s too expensive.” This has led me to do some comparison shopping, and because it’s soon to be winter...
The leaves are changing colors, the temperature is dropping and you’ve probably already gotten out your warmer clothes. But have you gotten your car or truck ready for winter? Many people overlook the fact that they need to prepare their vehicles to go through the colder months, especially in...
That’s right!! Amsoil's new dealer registration and kit costs less than $50. While becoming an Amsoil independent dealer may not be for everyone, anyone can make some extra income with Amsoil—and build from there to whatever their personal financial goals might be. 

For us, Amsoil...
It’s already September.  It seemed like a short cool summer here in New Hampshire. (My wife, a NH native, says they almost all are.) I started my potted veggies and herbs late, actually almost at the end of June, so we picked lettuce through August, and I still have lots of green tomatoes. I...
Cars are smart; they let you know when they need something. For instance, they let you know when you're due for a synthetic oil change. If you're not keeping track of your oil change intervals, this post can help you out. Many of us are guilty of not following our recommended oil change...

Can you imagine 40 days and 40 nights (sounds biblical, right?!) without being in a single motorized vehicle? (Assuming you’re not hospitalized, home-bound or in prison.)

True… some city folks don’t own cars—but they do typically ride subways or buses or take taxis regularly. Most other...

A shout out to Karen’s 91-year-old father! We are happy that Bob is visiting us this weekend. Can you believe he is an ACTIVE Amsoil dealer, still engaging new customers and signing up dealers, continuing to make a meaningful income? What other independent business allows that kind of ongoing...
What does getting locked in an outhouse have to do with Amsoil? You already read in my previous blog entry that I’m a car guy. You might recall that I’m handy with tools and that I used to have a fairly complete automotive shop in my home garage. Being handy with tools was especially useful this...
Hi! I’m Rob, the other half of our Amsoil team. I can’t boast the same long-time history with Amsoil as Karen, but I do know car engines. I’m not quite sure how I got introduced to the world of cars. Maybe it was racing slot-cars back in the ‘60s, including a 12-hour slot-car race with my Daytona...
We want to introduce ourselves with some background on our history related to Amsoil. First… Karen here with a confession. I was always a good test-taker. Which basically means a good memorizer, multiple-guesser and essay-bs-er. But there was one notable test that I flunked royally, way back when...

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