Robert Freitas and Karen Zurheide
New London, NH



A shout out to Karen’s 91-year-old father! We are happy that Bob is visiting us this weekend. Can you believe he is an ACTIVE Amsoil dealer, still engaging new customers and signing up dealers, continuing to make a meaningful income? What other independent business allows that kind of ongoing option? 

Bob began his Amsoil business over 35 years ago and built it the old-fashioned way—by personal contacts, primarily with retail establishments. He has never used a computer, has no website, wouldn’t know how to access Facebook, etc. He simply “believes”  in the company and in the products he promotes—and has used them himself over the years—and is supremely attentive to his customers. Although we’re adding modern communication means to our Amsoil dealer toolkit, his is the legacy of hard work and customer service we are continuing in our branch of this family business. 

Those of you who know Karen's father understand what a treasure he is. He is friendly (never met a stranger), kind and generous. A perfect salesman! While he could probably “sell ice to Eskimos,” as the saying goes, when it comes to Amsoil, he is representing a company he trusts and selling high-quality products that he knows customers need and from which they will benefit.

Amsoil’s tagline is “First in Synthetics”—they produced the very first synthetic motor oil in the world to meet American Petroleum Institute service requirements. Their “oil” outperformed conventional oil on all counts. Today, virtually every other motor oil manufacturer recognizes the superiority of synthetic lubricants and has followed Amsoil, introducing their own synthetic motor oils. But it wasn’t always that way.

When Dad began selling Amsoil—and when Karen was starting to use it in her own vehicles decades ago—no one had heard the name, and the threat loomed that vehicle manufacturers might not honor warranties if any synthetics were used. Nevertheless Dad persisted in making the case for Amsoil products. These days, a growing proportion of new vehicles come with synthetic oil, and many motorcycles, snowmobiles and other machines have motors that require it for better protection and performance. (See this  recent compelling AAA report on synthetic oil:

Karen’s mother—who passed away a couple years ago at age 90—does deserve some credit for Bob’s Amsoil success. She wouldn’t let him quit!! As with any new business, it took time to catch fire. But the company, the products and Bob turned out to be a winning combination. Today he says enthusiastically that "the products sell themselves.” Well… it still takes some effort. But we are happy to be following in Bob’s footsteps as Amsoil dealers. (With that in mind, please take a look around on this site to learn more about Amsoil products—and check out Preferred Customer wholesale pricing at

So three cheers for Dad! And thanks to him on this Labor Day weekend for being such a great example to his family of service, determination and plain old hard work! We are so proud of you, Dad. 

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