Robert Freitas and Karen Zurheide
New London, NH


That’s right!! Amsoil's new dealer registration and kit costs less than $50. While becoming an Amsoil independent dealer may not be for everyone, anyone can make some extra income with Amsoil—and build from there to whatever their personal financial goals might be. 

For us, Amsoil provides  a flexible schedule in retirement so we can be free to spend time with family and friends, enjoy the outdoors in the beautiful area in which we live, volunteer in our community, and travel—and at the same time generate extra income. Something else we especially like in retirement: With Amsoil there are no hassles of bosses or employees.

Whether you are currently employed, not working or retired, building your Amsoil dealership can be done at whatever pace you choose. Start with orders to take care of your own vehicles/equipment, expand out to your family and friends who also need Amsoil products, and go from there with a variety of activities/advertising that will spread the word to those you don't yet know. Some of your contacts will want to become dealers themselves. Your potential market is unlimited! 

Karen was recently at a local meeting where the 15 people present went around the room and briefly introduced themselves. She mentioned being an Amsoil dealer in her personal intro. Sure enough, the person sitting next to her whispered, “I need to talk to you afterwards about Amsoil products for my business.” The result: He  signed up as a commercial customer and is placing his first order. 

Here’s another new customer story. We are T1 certified and qualified dealers. This means we completed a free set of basic online training segments for a foundation of knowledge on Amsoil company, products and customers—and we did some small initial business to demonstrate that we are active dealers. With that, Amsoil placed us on their corporate website dealer locator, so folks in our immediate area seeking a local dealer online will find our contact information. Also, if an order comes in directly to Amsoil with no associated dealer reference, Amsoil assigns that customer a T1 dealer based on geography. We picked up such a new customer recently, who has already placed a second order with us. 

It’s not always this easy to gain new customers, but “selling” Amsoil is mostly a matter of looking for natural marketing opportunities and consistently spreading the word about high-quality products and a great company.

Click to become an Amsoil independent dealer yourself, for an initial investment of under $50. See more info available here. Let us know if you have any questions. We would be very happy for you sign up in our group—and to help support you in building a successful Amsoil business. 

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