Robert Freitas and Karen Zurheide
New London, NH



Can you imagine 40 days and 40 nights (sounds biblical, right?!) without being in a single motorized vehicle? (Assuming you’re not hospitalized, home-bound or in prison.)

True… some city folks don’t own cars—but they do typically ride subways or buses or take taxis regularly. Most other Americans—whether in suburbs or more rural settings such as where we live—completely depend on their cars and trucks to get them daily from point A to point B. 

Besides commuting and errands, many use motorized transport as a key element of their work. And plenty of folks enjoy specialty cars, RVs and various motor-sport vehicles for recreation.

So it’s admittedly rather unusual, but the two of us took a break this past spring from ALL vehicles for 40 days, while we walked 570 miles across Spain on an historic pilgrim way—the Camino Frances en route to Santiago de Compostela and then on to the Atlantic Ocean. We carried our packs—with very limited wardrobes, believe us!—and mostly stayed in small dormitories in bunk beds. We ate multi-course inexpensive “pilgrim meals” and enjoyed local beverages—all at amazingly low cost. And we made friends from around the world. (We also took a welcome break from US news, which we really didn’t miss at all.) It was an awesome experience that we are grateful to have had the opportunity to undertake in the first place—and to complete without accident, illness or other mishaps. A true adventure of a lifetime.

But was it ever strange when we took a bus ride at the end of our trek to return to Santiago de Compostela! And then another the next day on to the airport there. After that flight, it was cars and subways—and lots MORE walking—in and around Paris for a few days. Then a flight to Boston, followed by a bus to within a mile of home.

It was even stranger when at last we got back to our own cars after a total of seven weeks away. (Fortunately, they both started up just fine.)

No longer on the pilgrim path, we are now back to reality, and engaged with all those everyday chores that need doing, along with lots of driving. (But we're still trying to walk plenty—for good health, including weight control. We found that when you walk 15 miles a day, you can eat and drink whatever you want. Not true otherwise!) Regarding those chores, we really don’t want to spend any more time on them than necessary.

So when it comes to maintaining our cars, we rely on Amsoil oils and filters. Ordering online is easy—especially after the first time setting up an account. We get the products conveniently delivered to our door. And we only need oil changes once a year, a savings of both time and money. 

We suggest you give Amsoil a try too. Click on vehicles or products on this site to get pricing and other info you need. Become a Preferred Customer ($10 for a 6-month 1-time trial or $20 for a full year) to get wholesale pricing of about 25% off. Or get free shipping on orders of $100 or more. In any case, we encourage you to make your vehicle maintenance as easy as possible—and to walk as much as you can as well. 

As we pilgrims greeted each other along “the way”—mostly on foot, some on bicycles, and a horse rider or two--we wish you a "Buen Camino!" whatever YOUR modes of transportation on life’s journey.

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