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Cars are smart; they let you know when they need something. For instance, they let you know when you're due for a synthetic oil change. If you're not keeping track of your oil change intervals, this post can help you out. Many of us are guilty of not following our recommended oil change intervals. Something as simple as getting an oil change is easy to forget. It probably wasn’t intentional, maybe you simply forgot it was time, and now you go on happily about your day not giving your car’s oil a second thought. If you pay close attention to your vehicle, you’ll be able to tell when it’s time to get a synthetic oil change. Your car will present certain warning symptoms, which you will find in this post Synthetic Oil Best has prepared for you.

Your Oil Looks Dark and Feels Grainy

You can easily check your oil (and change it too). Just pop open the hood and check the oil dipstick. Fresh oil comes in an amber to light brown color; it starts to turn darker as it breaks down and collects all the pollutants that reside in your engine. It's not the time to change the oil yet! Just because it's dark, it doesn't mean it has stopped working. On the other hand, if the oil looks so dark and thick that you can't see the oil dipstick when you're checking it, then yes, the time for the synthetic oil change has arrived. You should also test the oil's consistency; old oil feels coarse and grainy.

Your Engine is Getting Noisy

As you already know, the engine is made up of tons of metal pieces, and when metal rubs against metal, it produces friction and loud noises. Oil is created to provide a thin film barrier between the metal parts to prevent friction and excessive noises. If your engine is suddenly producing a cacophony of strange sounds when you drive, or if it revs up louder than normal when you turn it on, it might be because you’re running low on oil. There’s not enough lubrication to keep the engine parts from grinding against each other. If you don’t get that synthetic oil change soon, your engine will get even louder, from knocking to rumbling to roaring. Don’t be the person with the noisy car, head to AMSOIL’s online store and purchase their Signature Series 5W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil or any other oil from their great line of products. You can also call Synthetic Oil Best at (603) 435-3300 to purchase your synthetic oil and get some product recommendations.

Your Change Oil Sign Has Lit up Your Dashboard

The most visible sign your car will give you if you decide not to pop open the hood is the low oil sign on your dashboard. It lights up according to the manufacturer’s oil change recommendation. Once you change the oil, you need to reset it. Take some time to understand your dashboard, so you don’t confuse the change oil sign with the oil pressure sign.  If the latter one lights up your engine is at serious risk of damage.

Your Tailpipe is Smoking

It’s okay to see a light vapor coming out of the tailpipe when the weather is cold. Is not normal, however, to see thick smoke exiting the engine exhaust. Smoke means you’re running on really old oil or there might be a leak in your engine. Now, if the smoke is accompanied by a burning oil smell, your motor might be overheating, and there’s, possibly, oil burning in the exhaust area.

You Can’t Remember When You Last Changed Your Oil

If you can’t remember, it probably means it’s been a while. As a safety precaution, you should get a synthetic oil change or at least take a peek under the hood to check your oil’s state. Remember that you’ll find the recommended oil change interval in your owner’s manual. If you lost track of your last synthetic oil change, you better start writing it down after you get new oil.

You Constantly Have to Refill Your Gas Tank

Lack of engine lubrication can affect your gas mileage as well. The harder your engine has to work, the more fuel it burns. When there's not enough motor oil, the engine needs to apply more effort to perform. An AMSOIL Synthetic Oil change can help you reduce your fuel expenses, and for even more savings you can get their P.i. Performance Improver Gasoline Additive to make your gas last longer.

All You Need for a Synthetic Oil Change

Once you've decided it's time flush out your old oil, you need to get AMSOIL Synthetic Oil. If you're going to get a synthetic oil change, it should be with the best oil. So call Synthetic Oil Best at (603) 435-3300 to purchase your oil and oil filter, or surf through their online store to learn more about their other products.

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