Robert Freitas and Karen Zurheide
New London, NH



Rob here. One of the most often heard comments when approaching new customers about using Amsoil relates to cost. I can’t tell you how often someone says, “I’d consider using the stuff but it’s too expensive.” This has led me to do some comparison shopping, and because it’s soon to be winter sports season here in New Hampshire (we just had our first official dusting of snow), I decided to start with some snowmobile dealers. I love machines, every kind of machine, but mostly any kind of internal combustion engine. Going to a “PowerSports” dealer to me is like going to a candy store. Snowmobiles, ATVs, personal watercraft, generators, etc. in increasingly crazier and crazier bold colors… I didn't need to think twice about doing this “research.” 

Over a few hours I saw all the latest machines from Arctic Cat, Polaris, SkiDoo and Yamaha, and while I was fascinated by them all plus the latest accessories, I focused on 2-stroke motors. Before all the 4-stroke fans boo me, know that with the exception of the Yamaha sales person, all the others suggested that they sell a few more 2-stroke models than 4-strokes. I am one of those nuts that loves the whine of a 2-stroke motor and now with their “low smoke” engines and decreased oil usage I don't see them disappearing from the snowmobile scene anytime soon. 

After looking over the machines I drifted casually to the shelves containing lubricants, additives and other items needed for the season. Before we talk prices I should mention that every sales person when asked what oil I should use stated it was important to use the manufacturer’s branded oil. Interestingly enough not a single one could tell me why that was better than any other oil. In any case, the price for a gallon of manufacturer’s branded oil ranged from $45.95 to $49.99 for a full synthetic. 

The person who says Amsoil snowmobile oil it too expensive has obviously not checked out Amsoil 2-Stroke Injector Oil, a full synthetic snowmachine oil that’s priced at $36.40 per gallon, a savings of at least $9.55 or 21% off of manufacturer’s branded oil. Amsoil Injector oil provides excellent wear protection, low smoke and fluidity down to -60 degrees. Amsoil Injector snowmachine oil meets the requirements for Arctic Cat, Polaris, SkiDoo and Yamaha and all other brands as well. Injector oil can be used for oil-injected machines or as a premix with ratios up to 50:1. Don't let your sled’s sales person fool you with the notion that using non-branded oil will void your warranty. Amsoil Injector snowmachine oil is Warranty Secure. Using Amsoil synthetic lubricants over manufacturers’ brands is protected by Federal law, guaranteeing the right of consumers to choose whatever lubricants they wish for warranty protected machines, as long as the alternative lubricant meets the minimum requirements, which in every case Amsoil products do. For more information about Amsoil Injector snowmobile oil visit:

What I hear next from potential customers is that “I have to pay shipping with Amsoil which then eats away at my savings.” Assuming one does not live a short drive from an Amsoil retailer or from a snowmobile shop with their branded oil, let’s examine this. I have seen the manufacturer’s branded oils usually listed online at $50 or more required to qualify for free shipping. Amsoil has a minimum purchase of $100 to qualify for free shipping. So to get free shipping you might buy at least two gallons of branded oil, spending almost $92, or you could buy 3 gallons of Amsoil Injector oil for $109.20 and no shipping charge. Three gallons of the manufacturer’s oil would cost $137.85. The savings with 3 gallons of Amsoil Injector oil over the other brands is about $29, almost enough for you to get the 4th gallon for free compared to 3 gallons of the other brands. 

Of course, you could become an Amsoil Preferred Customer, which would allow you to buy products at wholesale, for even more savings (but you would then be charged for shipping). Preferred Customers pay just $24.60 per gallon of Amsoil 2-Stroke Injector Oil. (That’s about half the price of branded oil!) For more information on becoming an Amsoil Preferred Customer, look here:  

Amsoil also sells Interceptor Performance and Dominator Racing snowmobile oils for 2-stroke engines, as well as its 4-stroke product. It’s your choice! Just please don’t tell me that Amsoil costs too much. You CAN protect your machine for less with Amsoil. 

Happy Sledding! 

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