Robert Freitas and Karen Zurheide
New London, NH


We want to introduce ourselves with some background on our history related to Amsoil. First… Karen here with a confession. I was always a good test-taker. Which basically means a good memorizer, multiple-guesser and essay-bs-er. But there was one notable test that I flunked royally, way back when I was about 16, unable to utilize any of those other skills to manage a passing grade. It was on automotive engines and how they work, during driver’s ed. Although not rocket science, I had no concept of how the rods, pistons, spark plugs, battery, starter, gas, oil and various other parts and fluids all worked together. And you know what? I still don’t! 

But what I do know, having been raised to be practical and frugal (OK, cheap!), and having owned a number of cars—both new and used—over the years, is that I want a dependable vehicle/engine that will last and last. Fortunately for me, I was also raised with Amsoil, as my father was one of the earliest Amsoil dealers. Their oil, filters and other products were used in all our family's vehicles. That heritage has stayed with me. I drive a Volvo that I bought new in 1999, that now has over 251,000 original miles on it. Back in 1999, synthetic oil was still scoffed at. Dealers warned that their use might void manufacturer’s warranties. Not anymore! Turns out that Amsoil was ahead of its time. 

When my first husband died 8 years ago, and my car was 10 years old, I thought for sure I’d have to invest soon in a new vehicle, to be sure I had reliable transportation. (Remember, I don’t know much about automotive workings, so I was a bit nervous.) But not so! I firmly believe that Amsoil has contributed to my keeping that vehicle running well all these years. And that’s not the first high mileage car my immediate family and I have owned—not to mention my dad’s “fleet” that has usually included a couple vehicles with mileage in the 200,000 to 300,000 range.

As to the next generation, my two twenty-something kids have much newer cars than mine—both using Amsoil from the start, protecting those investments for what I expect will also be the long haul. But be assured one can start using Amsoil at any time—and greatly reduce engine friction and wear, protecting consistently in extremes of cold or hot for however much longer you hope to keep your vehicles. For more, see this from Amsoil:

As for Rob’s Amsoil experience, when it comes to engines—and a few other things in life!—he is just the opposite of me. He used to have an entire engine repair shop in his garage. More on that here next time...


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